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Name:Sergeant Martin Andrew Davison
Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Martin Andrew Davison is the third child to the Davison family who grew up in Woodbridge Township in New Jersey. He followed two older sister, Charlotte and Georgette, and was born seven minutes before his identical twin brother, Michael. Like many identical twin sets, he and Michael were very close, yet very different. Marty didn't like to think of them as "chalk and cheese" because he didn't think their differences were that vast, they were just clearly their own people. Their parents never dressed them the same, they enjoyed different things growing up, and had their own bedrooms from when they started middle school. Michael was always the unassuming, placid of the two, though he wasn't studious or serious. They both had decent grades simply because they enjoyed school, and Marty was always the one with the most ambition, and he was the one who never bothered to shave and got around in jeans and a leather jacket, while Michael was always clean-cut and beautifully groomed.

From a young age, he wanted to be a soldier just like their great grandpa. Michael, on the other hand, hated being dirty and messy. Marty couldn't get enough of it and poor Michael was dragged into solider and war games when they were kids so many times that he just got used to it. Right out of school, as soon as he was old enough, Marty joined the Army and commenced Basic Combat Training and then on to Infantry School. Eventually, he went on to train for the Special Forces and was posted to 20th Special Forces Group, based in Baltimore, Maryland, soon to be posted on a highly classified and restricted Black Operation overseas.

Though, in high school, Marty began dating Kalen Mercer, and for years they were inseparable. They supported each other's goals, and even if it was overly idealistic for them to think they could stay together after school, they swore they would, even if they had to be long distance. The ironic part was, they actually did last almost two years after high school until it all fell horribly apart. The distance was tough, but it wasn't impossible due to the fact that Kalen made it Ivy League and into the University of Pennsylvania, just over and hour's drove from Baltimore where Marty was training. It was when Kalen started to cancel out on their dates and weekends together that they began to have problems.

To this day, Marty doesn't know exactly why Kalen began to pull away from him, but he made the terrible mistake of accusing Kalen of cheating on him. One even when Marty went to Pennsylvania to see Kalen, they got into a massive argument where they said things they could never take back. Marty demanded to know who Kalen was fucking around on him with and that was when the shit really hit the fan. Kalen told him to go fuck himself and never speak to him again. That was how their relationship ended, and Kalen even cut all ties with Marty's family, all of whom he used to be close with. Marty was heartbroken that it had all crashed and burned like that after so long together. Shortly after, he received news he was being posted to the classified operation, which came with the added blow that it was so restricted, he would have to cut all ties with his family and not inform them of any facet of where he was going or for how long. He always knew this sort of deployment could come, it just came at a very difficult time for him after losing Kalen.

He was overseas for five years, during which climbed the ranks to Staff Sergeant where he was in charge of his own squad, received Military awards for his service. Now, after the intensive posting, he has been given the option of transferring to a position as training Sergeant at West Point Military Academy in New York, which would put him close to Michael again, who has been desperately yearning for since his posting ended. Before making the choice, he wants to visit his brother to catch up on everything, and hopes that Michael will help him make the decision either way, not having remotely any clue of how much his twin's life has progressed in his absence.

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